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EasyLink Remote Monitoring Solution

Wireless & Remote Monitoring

A remote monitoring solution

Product information

EasyLink is a top-tier IoT solution jointly developed by Eastron Europe and the Vodafone IoT team. It efficiently connects numerous devices with low-power connectivity. This innovative technology allows users to remotely monitor devices, even in locations with limited connectivity, ensuring seamless access to critical data. With a strong emphasis on security and data privacy, EasyLink offers a fully protected and intelligent solution that safeguards customer information and adheres to local data regulations.

The core benefit of EasyLink lies in its ability to facilitate the measurement and comprehension of energy generation, distribution, and consumption. This empowers users to exercise greater control over energy usage and identify inefficiencies in real-time. EasyLink equips users with comprehensive tools to comprehend and manage the entire energy cycle, providing timely alerts for potential issues.

By offering a future-ready and secure IoT solution, Eastron EasyLink stands as a pivotal tool for efficient energy management and remote device monitoring, ensuring operational excellence in various sectors.

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  • Can monitor any parameters within the Eastron metering range
  • 1 module DIN rail mounted gateway with RS485 Modbus input
  • NB-IoT Vodafone network connectivity
  • Fully customisable dashboard with a range of tables, graphs gauges and more
  • Realtime alerts that can send an email or SMS when devices breach thresholds
  • Can generate reports to provide overview of data across a specific asset or entire estate
  • Metrics can be automatically evaluated and tracked historically
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