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DIN Rail Mounted Metering

Single Phase 100A Pre-Payment

  • Single Phase 100A Direct connect
  • Multifunction measurement, display scrollable settings
  • Support AMR, SCADA system
  • Prepaid function
  • Energy resettable
  • White backlit LCD display
  • Din rail mounting 35mm
  • RS485 Modbus communication
Displayed Parameters
  • Remaining capacity
  • Available remaining
  • Total power consumption/ purchase of electricity
  • Credit line
  • Overdraft consumption
  • Load threshold
  • Pay model
  • Voltage (V)
  • Current (A)
  • Active power (kW)
  • Active energy (kWh)
  • Import energy (Wh)
  • Export energy (kWh)
  • Power factor (PF)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Time
Product information

SDM320Y is a single phase electronic prepaid energy meter. It is in full compliance with technical requirements of IEC62053-22 standard for Class 0.5S energy meter. It has a complete prepaid management system, which is convenient for power purchase. The system automatically deducts fees according to electricity consumption. Recharging operation can be done through the network remotely.The meter has a two-level balance alarm function and an emergency amount function. It will automatically stop power supply when tenant in arrears or credit become zero or reaching the pre-set value.

The meter is with excellent reliability that can display remaining capacity, available remaining, total power consumption/ purchase of electricity,credit line, overdraft consumption, load threshlod, pay model, voltage, current, active power,  active energy, import energy, export energy, power factor, frequency and time. The reactive power, apparent power can be read by Modbus. SDM320Y is easy to install with nice appearance, small and light. With battery installed inside the meter, the value on the meter still can be read when grid power off. SDM320Y is suitable for a real-time power monitoring system and has the characteristics of multi-function, multi-purpose, high stability and long life. The meter has 1 pulse output, and the pulse constant, pulse width and output unit all can be set. It has RS485 communication interface, support high speed communication function of RS485 (9600bps). It is an ideal choice for power energy monitoring

Certifications & Standards
  • EMC: EN61326-1 & EN61326-2-3
  • LVD: EN61010-1 & EN61010-2-3
  • IEC/EN62052-11:2003 Class 0.5s

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