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SDM230Modbus (3K7)

EV Charger Metering Solutions

Single Phase 100A MID (Multi-Function With Serial Communication)

  • MID Certified (B and D) to 3K7 -40°C to +75°C
  • 100A single phase input
  • Two module DIN rail mounted
  • Highly visible backlit display
  • Simple menu navigation
  • Built in Modbus and pulsed outputs or optional Mbus interface
  • Four kWh measurment modes for PV and battery storage
Displayed Parameters
  • Phase to Neutral Voltage (V
  • Phase Current (A
  • Frequency (Hz
  • Power Factor (PF)
  • Power max demand (MD kW)
  • Active power (kW)
  • Reactive power (kVAr)
  • Apparent power (kVA)
  • Import active power (kWh)
  • Export active power (kWh)
  • Total active power (kWh)
  • Imprt reactive power (kVAh)
  • Export reactive power (kVAh)
  • Total reactive power (kVAh)
  • Hours Run
Product information

SDM230Modbus is an advanced digital single phase multi-function energy meter, which measures up to 100A direct load. The SDM230modbus has 15 measured parameters and 4 different kWh measurment modes which has been designed around the development of regeneration, such as solar and battery storage. The means the pulsed output can be configured for the following.

  • Import +Export = Total kWh
  • Export - Import =Total kWh (Nett)
  • Import = Total kWh
  • Export = Total kWh 

A  communication port is provided, RS485 Modbus RTU or M-bus EN13757-3 and Communication parameters are password protected in the setup mode. The SDM230-2T can measure energy from two different power supplies acting as a dual tarriff meter.

Certifications & Standards
  • MID: EN50470-1 & EN50470-3 Class B
  • EMC: EN61326-1 & EN61326-2-3
  • LVD: EN61010-1 & EN61010-2-3