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MultiClick Multi Circuit Monitoring

Current Transformer Input Module

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Multi-Click demonstration video

Product variants
  • MCS-I30 - Total, Nett, Import, Export kWh/kVArh, L1,L2,L3 Amps, Power (Active / Reactive / Apaprent) and Power Factor.
  • MCS-I31 - Total, Nett, Import, Export kWh/kVArh, L1,L2,L3 Amps, Power (Active / Reactive / Apaprent), Power Factor and THD
  • MCS-I32 - Total, Nett, Import, Export kWh/kVArh, L1,L2,L3 Amps, Power (Active / Reactive / Apaprent), Power Factor, THD, Max Demand and Overload Alarm Function
  • 1 Module DIN rail mounted
  • No voltage reference required (Voltage reference is taken from the MCS-U module for entire system)
  • 3 x RJ12 CT inputs (3 x Single phase or 1 x Three phase sensor)
  • RJ45 input and output for the interconnecting on the bus network
  • Up to 32 x MCS-I modules on one network
  • Entire network of MCS-I modules measured and displayed from one centralised point
Product information

This new concept of intelligent measuring and monitoring of power management and distribution has been designed and engineered for new and retro fit applications. Up to 32 x Three Phase or 96 x Single Phase circuits measured and accessible from one centralized data display. The current, Power and Energy is monitored by the MCS-I module, which has three RJ12 inputs for three individual split core sensors or alliteratively you can just the first RJ12 input, if using our three-phase block sensor. There are three different levels of the MCS-I modules ranging from basic measurement to THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), power per phase and overload alarm functions. The MCS-I modules can then be interconnected via the RJ45 input/ output back to the Voltage and communication module (MCS-U) You can have up to 32 x MCS-I modules connected on one bus (32 x three phase or 96 x single phase circuits). There is no voltage reference required for the MCS-I module.

The MCS-U module is the Voltage and Communication module, you will connect your voltage reference for the complete system to this device (1ph2W or 3ph4W). It will be interconnected to the MCS-I module and the display Module (MCS-D) via RJ45 input / output ports. In the event you do not require a display, you can utilize the RS485 output on this module to program or to connect into a BMS system or energy management platform (Connex). Depending on the level of requirements we can provide a basic 96x96mm display which will measure the multiple circuits, it can also be used for the setting up of the entire system. Alternatively, we can offer a HMI screen which in conjunction with our Eastron ConneX, which can be used as a centralised metering data point or as a sub metering remote monitoring and data logging end to end solution. 


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