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Accurate harmonic readings going back to the grid

Client: UK Power Network

Accurate harmonic readings going back to the grid

Customer brief

The UK Power Network have over 100K substations across the UK and due to the increase in regeneration they need to measure accurately the harmonics and power that was going back to the grid. They needed a device that was retrofittable, with an accurate Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) reading and kWh measurement. This product was integrated into their own monitoring solution and needed A reliable communication PORT (RS485) Modbus. It was also important that we met their expected budget for it to be a viable project.

Our Solution

We had a standard offering that uses a mV input which made it suitable and safe for the retro-fit requirement, The device also had THD, however after further testing with the UK Power Network, we had established along with the other meter manufacturers that had been tested the THD was only a reference point and the accuracy was not suitable. After this was fed back to us our engineer made the firmware changes and improved the accuracy to class 1. We had now ticked all the boxes including the commercial requirement. 

Accurate harmonic readings going back to the grid

The result

After meeting the requirements and ongoing tests, our product was selected over the other three manufacturers. We have for the last two years been working and supplying the UK Power Network’s partners who assemble the components into an overall solution. To date we have supplied 1000’s and continue to support and supply this bespoke product.